Lavash Cafe

Lavash Cafe gives the latest feel to old fashioned Mediterranean Cuisine.  Clintonville is now the host of three Mediterranean stores and Lavash seems to shine as one of the best.  Located at the corner of high and Weber, Lavash cafe is the newest restaurant of the eclectic shopping and dining area in Clintonville.  Owner, Nasir Latif, has a great track record of serving fresh foods and excellent customer service and his latest store, Lavash Cafe, is no exception.   Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd, and one can see the success of Lavash through the large windows out front.  On most days expect to wait in line, but not wait for food.  Even though this cafe is new, the news has spread and a crowd is always there.  From Hummus to Schwarma, this cafe serves fresh, healthy, and tasty cuisine to both vegetarian and meat eaters alike.  It is impossible to ignore the dessert case.  Beware, your eyes will instantly focus in on the desserts as soon as you enter the doors and your mouth will begin to water.  The atmosphere is friendly, colorful, clean, and inviting.  The owners presence is apparent.  It is not odd to find him bussing tables, cooking, or serving food.  Customers and Clintonville agree, Lavash Cafe is a great addition to a great community. (more…)

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Thurman Cafe

Without a doubt Thurman Cafe is the best dive in Columbus.  If you are willing to wait an hour to be seated in a place where drunkenness is key and cleanliness is overlooked to eat one greasy, cheesy, heart attack of a burger, Thurman Cafe is for you.  A Columbus staple, Thurmans is located on Thurman street in German Village.  This bar is loud, packed, dark and dirty and our server, obviously intoxicated, was animated, to say the least.  Featured on The Travel Channel’s popular show Man v Food, Thurman Cafe is a legendary staple of the carnivorous Columbus community.  What more can one say about Thurman Cafe?  It provides a dirty bar atmosphere service, and  some of the most behemoth burgers this town has to offer.  Thurman Cafe delivers nothing short of what they offer.


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Taj Mahal

Authentic Indian food, service, and atmosphere rarely disappoints customers and Taj Mahal is no exception.  Located just North of The Ohio State Univeristy campus, this authentic Indian cuisine rivals many Indian cuisines we have tasted.  Although the food was spectacular and filling (go with an empty stomach), the cleanliness and service was less than adequate.  Heated with space heaters, the dining room was sloppy and in desperate need of some spring cleaning.  With the amount of customers Taj Mahal sat this evening, one would think that they could afford proper heating.  The server was also pushy and rude.  Thank god for management.  A little management goes and long way and the manager definitely elevated our dining experience.  Overall the food was delicious but the restaurant operations were in desperate need of repair.


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The Big Fat Greek Kuzina

Located in Upper Arlington on Fishinger Road, this Greek Restaurant offers a little bit of class and whole lot of crass.  The atmosphere of this restaurant is not only offensive, but confusing.  The drafty ceiling rafters emulate a run down warehouse, while Greek Gods, statues, and paintings clutter the walls and entrance. This dining experience felt more like a modern day Greek rave than a restaurant.  The bar is made to appear as the Parthenon, but I don’ think they had flat screen TVs in between the pillars.  The food is good, but not great as the prices suggest.  This restaurant creates dining confusion.  Is it Greek or American, high class or casual, gaudy or elegant?  The overall experience was average, the atmosphere and cleanliness really took away from an enjoyable experience.


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Tips for Customers

Friendly, excellent service is key for anyone to enjoy a dining experience.  However, the customer should also display “eating out” courtesy.  Waiters and waitresses are required to remain friendly and courteous at all times.  But when a server encounters a rude customer, he or she will have a hard time remaining friendly. To ensure great service, you should be a great customer.  Here is a loosely arranged list of things that drive servers crazy and will inevitable diminish the quality of service. (more…)

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Looking for real wings, cheesy sandwiches, chili cheese fries and sports galore?  Roosters is the place for you.  For an establishment that wants to appear like they do not care, someone put a lot of care, hard work, and organization into this sports bar/restaurant.  Roosters is a casual joint where servers wear jeans, cheesy sleazy quotes cover the walls, and there is plenty of sports paraphernalia to go around.  The bar is fully stocked with everything from beer in mason jars to HD TV.  This is the type of place where you can talk as loud as you want and the table sitting next to you won’t turn their noses up.  The staff is knowledgeable about their product, can take a joke, and won’t let your drink get to the halfway point.  Open for Dine in and Carryout this sports bar is located at 3370 Olentangy River Road in the OSU campus area.  Overall the experience was impressive, even though Roosters is uninterested in impressing. (more…)

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